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Topic of the Conference


1. Nonlinear Dynamics

Stability and Bifurcation

Chaotic Dynamics

Fractals in Dynamics

Control and Synchronization of Complex Systems


2. Vibration and Control

Vibration Analysis of Discrete or Continuous Systems

Passive and Active Vibration Controls

Signal Processing, Monitoring and Diagnostics

Mech-electrical Systems, Rotor Systems, and Other Engineering



3. Multi-body Systems

Modeling and Control of Multi-body Systems

Contact and Impact Problems

Numerical Simulations

Experimental Investigations

Engineering Applications


4. Analytical Mechanics

Systems with Constraints

Symmetry and Conservation

Birkhoffian Dynamics

Mathematical Methods in Analytical Dynamics


5. Interdisciplinary Topics


Dynamics in Ecology, Epidemic and Environmental Sciences

Dynamics of Biological Systems

Economy and Finance Dynamics

Micro-Systems, Micro-Structures and Nano- Systems

Dynamics of Railroad Vehicles and Transportation Systems

Spacecraft Dynamics and Control

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